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Not only do we offer superior painting services, we also take an interest in your home color choices. We like to see a job well done, and if that means providing a little guidance in the form of color consultations, we’ll make it happen.

1.) What areas do you want to pop?

There’s always the option to stick with one or two gentle tones. But if you want to add some spice to your space, there are plenty of tricks to get away with some fun colors and keep your home looking great.

An expert color consultant will help you with things like locating the perfect accent wall, or choosing whether your trim should be bold or neutral. After all, the goal is to express your personality while making a positive investment in your home!

2.) Ceiling paint…is white right?

Believe it or not, there are lots of options here! Depending on where your sources of natural light are, you may have a whole palate of soft color choices. With options, you can better complement your decor and create a truly pleasing aesthetic.

Even if you go with white, there are plenty of shade choices to make. A color consultation can go a long way! We can help guide you along your journey to finding the perfect shade for your ceiling.

3.) How do I keep from clashing colors?

In order to achieve a superior interior, you’ll want to think about color flow. Colors can be warm (reds, yellows, greens) or cool (blues, violets, grays), and depending on where you put them, your home can go from stylish to “trying too hard” in a hurry.

Before you overhaul your interior, it helps to consider palettes that complement each other. Each room should flow into the next in a way that feels smooth and natural, not like an uncomfortable game of Twister for the eyes!

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